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Ginetta Unveil New G58 Racer/Trackday Car

New in-house built 6.3 litre V8, two seater with ABS and aircon

Alongside the showstopping debut at Autosport International of the Ginetta G60-LT-P1 LMP1 car, Ginetta also unveiled a second debuting sports prototype.

The new G58 was launched, a car based on the LMP3 tub, and developed from the G57 evolution of that concept.

Whilst the G57 was principally designed as a race car, the G58 is also aimed at track day enthusiasts and amateur drivers though it will be eligible for a number of Series, Championships and standalone races around the globe too.

Over and above some of the advanced aero of the G57 it adds additional driver aids including ABS and air-conditioning plus accommodation for two seats, allowing either a passenger and/ or driver instructor to be carried inside the safety cell.

The G58 also boasts an enhanced cooling pack, coupled with the internal air con making the car more comfortable in hotter climates, and most significantly of all replaced the GM V8 in the G57 with a new in-house developed 6.3 litre V8 boasting some 575 bhp-c.20 bhp up on the G57’s engine.

“The engine is built here at Garforth,” explained Ginetta Technical Director Ewan Baldry at the factory last week. “Whilst the previous Chevy engine had a cast block, the new Ginetta V8 is milled from a solid billet.”

The car is likely to be able to come close to matching LMP2 times on many international circuits, sim data suggesting that Paul Ricard would see the car within 4 seconds of LMP2 pace for instance.

The car is priced at £225,000 as a turn key package.