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Ligier JS P4 Now Eligible For LMP3 Cup

P4 class now in the series

The new entry-level Ligier JS P4 prototype will be eligible for racing in the British LMP3 Cup championship from this year onwards.

The car, which was unveiled at the 2017 Le Mans 24 Hours, was then presented at the Racing Car Show in Birmingham last month by Ligier UK, ahead of this announcement.

In the series, the JS P4 will be put in its own class, and not balanced with the LMP3 cars in the field.

“It makes perfect sense to have an additional ‘P4’ style class alongside the LMP3 cars, in the same way GT racing around the world has GT3 and GT4,” Richard Dean, head of Ligier UK said.

“The Ligier P4 cars, share the same carbon fibre monocoque and safety standards as the Ligier LMP3 cars, so they complement each other well and serve as both a feeder series and training ground. We have had a great reception at Autosport International when we launched the P4 car and all that was really missing was a UK series where you can regularly race these cars.

“Congratulations to BUTE Motorsport and the ACO in taking the initiative.”

Chris Haynes, Bute Motorsport’s managing director, said that this move will help grow the championship in the UK, as it moves into its second year.

“I am delighted to confirm that having worked closely with the ACO and MSVR we have reached an agreement to run this class,” he said. “This move will further cement the status of the LMP3 Cup as the go-to Championship for those who aspire to race at Le Mans, whilst broadening its appeal to more teams and drivers alike.”

Featured image courtesy of Ligier UK