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Romain Angebeau & RCN Acquire Funyo

Future for Brittany-based Prototype constructor assured

After more than 20 years Yves Orhant, founder of the Funyo make, is handing over to Romain Angebeau, a trained engineer. Yves and Romain will work hand in hand to supply enthusiasts with even quicker and more affordable prototypes.

Thirty-three-year-old Angebeau already has 10-years experience in motor sport behind him as he has worked for prestigious teams like Pescarolo Sport and Onroak Automotive and participated in the design of several prototypes.

He has taken over Funyo through the RCN Company so Funyo has become a family affair as the Le Mans-based company, Sagcom, managed by Rémy and Noémie Brouard, will help him in the commercial development.

Yves Orhant created the Funyo prototype from scratch 20 years ago and today it is the most accessible series in French motor sport. This little racer is a cocktail of price, pleasure and performance, and it gives enthusiasts the ideal tool to kick off their career in motor sport in a quality car with a capped budget in a convivial ambience. The Funyo challenge in the V de V Sports Championship attracts a field of more than 30 cars that do battle in six events every season on prestigious circuits like Barcelona, Magny-Cours, Dijon-Prenois, Navarra and Le Mans.

The Funyo SP05 is the latest model to emerge from the Funyo workshops in Brittany. It is powered by an engine derived from the new-generation Peugeot 308 GTi that puts out 250 bhp transmitted through a 6-speed sequential Sadev gearbox. It weighs only 670 kg making this prototype one of the few respecting the 4P rule “Poids-Puissance-Prix-Plaisir” (weight, power, price, pleasure).

Yves Orhant, creator of Funyo: “After cogitating for a long time, I’ve decided to hand over the company to Romain because I think he is the man who is best placed to ensure Funyo’s future. He’s attached to our values of quality and conviviality and I’m convinced that he’ll keep the Funyo spirit alive that we’ve built up over the years. I’m going to be with him throughout the 2018 season to ensure a successful handover.”

Romain Angebeau, New Funyo president: “I’d like to thank Yves for putting his trust in me. Taking over a make like Funyo is an incredible challenge. I’m counting on my experience in designing LM P3 and LM P2 prototypes to grasp the needs of Funyo clients. I’m looking forward to meeting each and every one of them to help me better understand what they want and to create with them – and for them – cars that meet their requirements.”

Eric Van de Vyer, VdeV organiser: “Yves and I had a talk before he took his decision. I’m delighted about this change and the breath of fresh air it’ll inject into the series. We’re hoping to make the Funyo Challenge a permanent fixture and attract new entrants for the 2018 season. I’d like to welcome Romain to the VdeV family and thank Yves for everything he’s done to make motor sport accessible.”

Rémy Brouard, Sagcom manager: “I’d like to thank Yves and Eric for supporting Romain and his project. It’s very important to back young entrepreneurs who are driven by their passion. I’m sure that Funyo has a great future in France, in Europe and on other continents. My thanks to all those who played an active role in setting up this project, in particular Tugdual Rabreau and Philippe Nazire who have been friends and partners for a long time.

Technical specification of the Funyo SP05

Type: tubular steel + aluminium panels
Rollbar: steel D45 thickness 2,5mm
Homologation: FFSA

Front-rear: Outlaws 4-piston calipers
Circuit: double, adjustable balance

Front rims: “TEAM DYNAMICS” 8×17
Tyres: “MICHELIN” 20/61X17
Rear rims: “TEAM DYNAMICS” 9×17
Tyres: “MICHELIN” 24/61X17

Type: propulsion
Gearbox: 6-speed SADEV SL75 LW

Bodywork: open 2 seater single element
Material: coloured composite
Lights: headlights, sidelights + rain warning light
Wing: composite

Front-rear: double wishbones, upper rocker arms
Dampers: gas ALP

Type: Peugeot EP6CDTR, Turbo
Power output: 250 bhp at 6500 rpm
Max. torque: 280 Nm at 5500 rpm
Max. revs: 6 500 rpm
Cubic capacity: 1 598 cc + TURBO
Cylinders: straight 4
Distribution: D.O.H.C, 16 valves
Layout:  mid-engined
Management: specific “Peugeot”

Width: 1 800 mm (to the wing)
Length: 4 330 mm (without wing) 4 600 mm (with wing)
Height at the rollbar: 1 080 mm
Front-rear tracks: 1 760 – 1 760 mm adjustable
Wheelbase: 2 600 mm
Weight: 670 kg
Fuel tank: 20L Sprint
Eligibility: Challenge Funyo, F.F.S.A. / VdeV Series. Driving schools, etc.