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2018 Spa 24 Hours To Adopt ‘Fan Boost’ For PRO Class Drivers

Weight advantage for lucky winners

SRO announced today that the 2018 Spa 24 Hours will adopt a version of the FanBoost system seen regularly in Formula E for their PRO class as moves continue to further build a fanbase for the Belgian GT endurance classic.

The Spa 24 Hours’ Fan Favourite Selection (FFS) system will give endurance racing fans around the world the opportunity to actively take part in the 2018 race.

Fans will be able to vote for their favourite drivers, via Twitter, the race’s Facebook page, at voting booths trackside or via a dedicated FFS App.

Voting will open as soon as the official entry list is published but will continue until race morning, with votes cast by fans trackside counting double.

After initially considering the inclusion of a potential built on hybrid power booster, a prospect described by one industry insider as “totally impractical and insane,” by one factory Customer Racing insider, the chosen method has been made much more simple.

Every car in the Pro class will be fitted with 50 kgs of lead ballast in 5 kilo slugs. The slugs will have quick release catches enabling the relevant teams to remove the selected weight advantage (understood to be c.25 kgs) as the winning driver boards the car for a stint, and easily replaced too as his (or her) team-mates start their stints.

Each element of the ballast weight will be subject to scrutineering at any time with an in-car camera placed in full view of the ballast system.

Whilst the race organisers are firm exponents for the system, competitors approached by DSC were less welcoming of the move.

 “It should not be a popularity contest,” said one relatively unpopular factory driver.

“I’ve raced in all of the major endurance events around the world,” said an experienced factory man under condition of anonymity, “I’ve never won a single one but this finally gives me a shot. I’ll be asking my family and friends to vote as long as their pay as you go cards allow.”

For those of you REALLY Wondering this was, of course, part of DSC’s April 1 coverage!