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Porsche Lead At Nürburgring

Foxtail Manta in trouble

Romain Dumas in the #911 Manthey Porsche leads the ADAC Zurich Nurburgring 24 Hours after three hours of the race.

He had taken the lead during the middle of a pitstop cycle and would owe a pitstop to some of the other leaders.  Richard Westbrook in the #98 Rowe Racing was leading before his pitstop at the end of the second hour.

There was plenty of action during the second and third hours of the race and you could be forgiven for thinking thinking that it was a sprint race, particularly between the #8 Audi Sport WRT and the #44 Falken Motorsports Porsche.

The two cars were involved in an entertaining battle and made light contact several times.

Renger van der Zande in the #47 Mercedes was having a battle with Marcel Fassler in the BWT Audi.  However van der Zande pushed a little too hard on the GP track in his effort to get under Fassler and spun his AMG.

The AMG spun into the wall, resulting in front end damage and a puncture.  The car was able to be repaired but they lost a lap.  Fassler was not affected.

The #147 BMW was in the wars again after being spun by the #3 Frikadelli Porsche. The car spun and was stuck broadside across the track, narrowly being avoided by four cars.

As for the Frikadelli machine, it spun and hit the barriers with the rear of the car and has continued but it is almost three laps down.

There was also big drama for Connor De Phillippi in the #98 Rowe BMW.  There was an issue for the car and he consequently pulled the car off the track to try to repair it.  The repairs were unsuccessful and at the end of the third hour, it was being towed back to the pits.

An extended Code 60 was called to affect barrier repairs for the #305 Securtal Sorg Porsche after it went into the barrier at point 149.

While car #911 leads the race, the Glickenhaus SCG003b leads the SP-X class, the #57 Gigaspeed Porsche leads SP-7 and the #831 Hyundai N leads TCR.

Sadly for fans of the Opel Manta, the oldest car on the grid, the car was stuck in the garage.