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Black Falcon Leads At The Halfway Mark As Rain Comes Down

Pole-sitting Manthey Porsche retires


The race has been turned on its head as the half way mark passes in the ADAC Zurich Nurburgring 24 Hours. At the half distance mark, the #4 Black Falcon was leading the race with Manuel Metzger putting in a great performance.

At 2:30am, some 11 hours through the race the rain arrived. Originally thought to be arriving in the last hours, a storm system moved into the region and heavy rain across the whole track. As a result, there was a rush in the pits for wet tyres.

It saw the lap times drop by two-to-three minutes for the leading cars.

But as is so often the case here, as the rain moved through the region, some of the track became much dryer than others, with the Grand Prix circuit, seeing the rain ease by 3:15am.

There was significant change at the top of the time-sheets as well, with the most notable event being a wild spin for the #911 Manthey Porsche with Romain Dumas behind the wheel.

The car that had dominated the race up until that point but at around 1:30am, he hit some dirt and possible fluid on the inside of the track at Schwalbenschwanz. While passing a backmarker, he lost control and hit the wall hard enough force the car into retirement.

Funnily enough, the car was also under investigation for speeding under a code 60 and seconds before the car crashed, the notification of a 3:32 penalty was issued.

It would have been the second leader to receive such a penalty after the Rowe Racing #98 received one just after the six hour mark.

There were extraordinary scenes after the pitstop of the #48 HTP Mercedes after a pitstop just before 11pm. The car was released with a wheel not being secured after a pitstop and predictably the wheel fell off the car just out of the pit lane.

In the aftermath, a HTP team member raced onto the live track with tools to fit a wheel to the stricken vehicle – much to the chagrin of the marshals. While the car was able to be recovered, Race Control slapped a small fine of 2000 Euro to the team.

Metzger was able to build a 30 second lead within two laps under the challenging conditions from the #912 Manthey Porsche.

The Glickenhaus SCG003b was leading SP-X and the #57 Gigaspeed Porsche led SP-7. The #175 Audi continued to lead TCR.