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ACO Names Chassis Suppliers For Next LMP3 Regulation Cycle

Ligier, Norma, Ginetta and Adess

The ACO has announced that Onroak Automotive-Ligier, Duqueine Automotive-Norma, Ginetta and Adess have been selected to produce chassis for the upcoming LMP3 regulation cycle from 2020-2024.

The ACO’s statement on the next cycle of LMP3s reads as follows:

“For the second generation from 2020 to 2024, selection has focused on cost control, driver-friendly operation, modernisation, guaranteed service to the teams and closer competitiveness between the various models.

“The future LMP3s will be based on existing cars equipped with a kit chiefly designed to improve engine power and driver safety in the cockpit, while leaving room for some body modifications.

“The cost of a new car and the kit will be published shortly. The future of LMP3 begins today. The future of endurance too.”

Commenting on the success of LMP3, ACO President Pierre Fillon said: “To ensure continuity, we needed to form solid foundations and build up a talent pool of new drivers with a feeder series that enables novices to take their first steps in endurance, and gain race experience without breaking the bank. LMP3 seemed an obvious solution. And it has proved to be a sound decision.”

Notably, for the next cycle, Ave/Riley and Dome (both involved in the current generation, although Dome’s model didn’t race) have not been granted a licence to produce LMP3 cars.

Since the introduction of LMP3 back in 2015, over 150 LMP3 cars have been produced and compete in multiple series around the world including the European Le Mans Series, Asian Le Mans Series, Michelin Le Mans Cup/Road to Le Mans, LMP3 British Cup, V de V, lMSA Prototype Challenge and FRD LMP3 Series.