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Support Derek Bell’s Charity ‘Wingwalk’

The five-time Le Mans winner took to the skies this week to raise money for Hope for Tomorrow

Earlier this week Derek Bell took to the skies with AeroSuperBatics and completed a ‘wingwalk’ at a private airfield in Rendcomb, Gloucestershire, in aid of the charity ‘Hope for Tomorrow’. And you can still get involved and help him reach his fundraising target of £4,000.

Hope for Tomorrow, founded by Christine Mills MBE, helps bring treatment closer to patients homes by providing Mobile Chemotherapy Units enabling them to spend more time with family, friends and loved ones during their treatment. It costs Hope for Tomorrow £40 per patient to have treatment closer to home on one of its Mobile Cancer Care Units. Its target is to help 600 patients and raise £24,000.

“It was a wonderful experience, we had a super day, and everyone enjoyed it,” Bell told DSC. “It’s a strange thing to do, Wingwalking, but it does catch the eye of people. I’m told there are more people who have walked up Mount Everest than have been Wingwalking!

“It was great to do it for this cause, and a real oppourtunity. It was a typically British sunny day, perfect for a group of us to take turns standing on the top of a plane!

“Everybody that came down was so thrilled, though beforehand there was a lot of nerves. You’re on the plane, you stand up so high, and you feel out in the air, and you think ‘all these guys used to fly to Belgium and France all those years ago in one of these planes’. It’s something you do out of respect, and admire the people who used to fly these planes because they had to.

“It was well worth it, doing it for a charity, it was worth all the aprehension before for everyone.”

You too can get involved and help out, by visiting Derek Bell’s Just Giving Page HERE.

All of us at DSC are incredibly impressed with Bell’s efforts in raising money for such a worthy cause, this writer would certainly have to think long and hard before strapping himself to the wing of a plane! (It’s OK I’ve arranged it for you – Ed)

Featured image courtesy of Jakob Ebrey Photography