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LMP1 EoT Values Released

The values that will be applied for the Equivalence of Technology in the new-look LMP1 class have been released for the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours.

With the only relevant comparison for the EoT being the values applied to the class last year there have been some changes made, but only to the non-hybrid LMP1 cars, once again there is no difference applied between the turbocharged and normally aspirated cars.

The 2018 cars will have a marginally increased level of fuel energy per lap (205 MJ/lap compared to 204.4) but decreases in both max fuel per stint (52.5 kg down from 53.2kg) and maximum fuel flow, 108 kilos per hour down from 115k kg/hour last year.

The hybrid-powered Toyotas will retain their one lap per stint efficiency advantage.

LMP1 EOT Le Mans