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More Le Mans Classic Snippets

Audi R8 woes and memories and Le Mans press room to stay put!

Audi R8 Woes and memories

Jota Sport co-owner David Clark was due to spilt his on-track time between running in Plateau 3 with his 1959 Lotus Elite alongside ACO President Pierre Fillon and runs in the Global Endurance Legends with his 2002 Audi R8.

Despite the best efforts of none other than Howden ‘H’ Haynes though the Audi was misbehaving with a gearshift gremlin that refused to be sorted.

Also taking an interest in the car, as ‘H’ was working to fix the issue was Christian Pescatori, the current Cetilar Villorba Corse Team Manager was out on track driving the still BMS owned Prodrive-built Ferrari 550 Maranello alongsode Luigi Lucchini.

“The Audi is such a great car,” said Pescatori, an Audi R8 driver in period of course, he drove at Le Mans for the factory team in 2001 and 2002 finishing second on both occasions.

“I believe this is the car that I drove back then.” Who knows the cheerful Italian may get the chance to do so once more?

Jarrah Venables

A pleasant chat with Global Endurance Legends co-ordinator Jarrah Venables elicited a number of interesting factettes:

He was very surprised at the number of takers for the opportunity to run in the two short demonstration sessions on Friday and Saturday, a hoped for 30-40 cars emerged as a list numbered in the high 70s with some 5-6 cars actually turned away (the circuit permits a maximum of 81 cars running at speed on track concurrently).

Plans are afoot to launch a short 2019 season of races for the cars with Venables again pleasantly surprised at the number of the owners present who would return for actual racing.

Revised Plans See Le Mans Press Room Stay Put

After Matt Fernandez ferreted out news of the major rebuild due for the main grandstand at Le Mans in time for the 100th anniversary of the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2023, a senior ACO source sought out the DSC Editor to update him on one particular part of the story.

Initial plans had shown an intention to re-site the media room, currently sited on the second floor of the building over the pits, to the other side of the circuit in the ACO building.

The plans though have been revised, the media will stay put in a new and enhanced facility more or less in the same position.