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Koenigsegg Looking at 2020 ‘Hypercar’ Regulations

Second Hypercar manufacturer confirms evaluation

Top Gear featured a story – Here – yesterday that made it clear that Swedish hypercar builder Koenigsegg are looking closely at a potential top class Le Mans effort based on the forthcoming 2020 regulations.

Whilst it is clearly early days as yet, direct quotes from Christian von Koenigsegg make it clear that the outline thus far provided of the new ‘Hypercar’ class has real appeal to his company which, thus far, has zero motorsport heritage, a GT1 concept from 2007 (the CCGT pictured below) out of time with the shifting sands of the rule-book, and sustainable racing budgets.

von Koenigsegg has learned that lesson, and is hedging his bets and options whilst awaiting more complete regulations.

The tone though is a very positive one. “We would love to go and race there,” he told the Top Gear reporter, “Finally, there is a chance.”

Koenigsegg’s interest follows that of Jim Glickenhaus, another low-volume builder of very high-end cars, in considering the new regulations alongside a group of manufacturers including Toyota, Aston Martin and McLaren.