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TDS Racing Respond To FIA Court Decision On Le Mans Disqualification

Surprise, disappointment, but 'take note of the final decision'

TDS Racing have issued a brief statement in response to last week’s FIA Court of Appeal decision to reject the team’ appeals against the exclusion of the #26 G-Drive Racing (run by TDS Racing) and the #28 TDS Racing Orecas from the results of the 2018 Le Mans 24 Hours after the cars finished first and fourth respectively on the road.

The exclusion came on the day following the race after technical inspection found an additional component had been introduced into the fuel rigs for both entries which allowed faster fuel flow than the intended with the mandatory fuel fill restrictor.

TDS Racing appealed the decision which led to the FIA Court of Appeal process, concluded just a few days ago.

Jacques Morello, TDS Racing Technical Director said: “We are truly surprised by the decision. In accordance with the regulation and before the race, the technical delegates had the time and facilities to inspect all these elements, and did not enter any reservation nor remarks. The court indicated that there was no other specific criteria to the flow restrictor than the inner diameter of max 38mm. It has to be noted that in the following weeks after the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and before the ELMS 4 Hours of Red Bull Ring, a clarification concerning the refuelling has been requested by one team. We are very disappointed, nevertheless, we take note of the final decision.”

Xavier Combet Team Manager said: “After Le Mans 24 Hours, on the other side, the G-Drive Racing team sportively and technically supported by TDS Racing, won the ELMS 4 Hours of Red Bull Ring and 4 Hours of Silverstone, thus claiming the 2018 ELMS championship LMP2 title. I would like to sincerely welcome the great performances of each of our six drivers all along the season, as well as the undeniable skills of our technical staff who earns my total confidence. Our next objective is to claim a race victory from now to the end of the WEC season.”