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Fuji Post-Race Penalties Fuel Further Controversy, #88 Porsche Loses Podium

Dempsey Proton under investigation after fuelling time and data irregularities detected

The prevalence of post-race penalties affecting finishing results has bee a depressingly common theme in recent months, not least in the instance of the long-standing controversy of the LMP2 race at Le Mans, finally settled just days ago with Signatech Alpine confirmed as winners after the G-Drive and TDS cars were disqualified for fuel rig irregularities.

And now there is a further controversy, with the result of the 2018 6 Hours of Fuji already amended, and with clear signs that there may be further sanctions to come for Dempsey Proton Racing after both the initially second-place finishing #88 and the sister #77 car which led the Championship before Fuji after wins at both Silverstone and Le Mans, received time penalties, and notice of a further investigation, again into fuelling-related issues!

In the first instance, the Fuji result has changed with time penalties applied to the #88 which dropped the car from its second place at the line down to fifth after minimum fuelling times were breached by both cars. Stewards Decisions are attached dec.24-27 -#77+88

Potentially even more serious though are a pair of related Stewards decisions that state that the sensors monitoring the fuelling logs from both cars were “found sending a signal  that was….. intentionally modified before being sent to the FIA datalogger.” 

The team have denied any knowledge of such a function and the Stewards have directed an investigation by the FIA Technical Delegates before the next FIA WEC round at Shanghai next month.

The now amended result sees the #90 TF Sport Aston Martin Vantage elevated to second place in the results with the #98 Aston Martin Racing car of Paul Dalla Lana, Pedro Lamy and Mathias Lauda now scored in third.