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Two Million Downloads Up For Marshall Pruett Podcast

DSC looks back at some of the highlights, part one, The Legends

Last week saw Marshall Pruett marking the two millionth download of his podcast series.

Since 2016, when MP started to collect, collate and curate a now astonishing array of interviews, in car and ambient audio, his popular ‘Who the Hell are You’ series and, of course, his weekly shows “Week in IndyCar’ with Robin Miller and the more recent Week in Sportscars with DSC Ed Graham Goodwin – both have evolved rapidly into THE reference points for what’s behind the headlines in those particular corners of the sport. 

“Two million downloads is a great milestone. And crazy fast since your 2016 launch. Thanks for your dedication to our sport.” ~ Mario Andretti, 1969 Indy 500 winner, 1978 Formula 1 world champion, and the first guest on the Marshall Pruett Podcast.

“Wow, 2,000,000 downloads, Marshall! It seems like just yesterday you were only at 1,999,999… In all seriousness, congratulations on a tremendous achievement. Your hard work, commitment and dedication to our sport is second to none. Here’s to your next 2 million downloads!” ~ Scott Dixon, five-time IndyCar champion.

“Just a note to wish you another 2,000,000! I have to admit you have a massive knowledge of motorsport and know everyone that’s anyone, but how you retain all the details I’ll never know. It’s like talking to an encyclopedia but with humor. Keep it up. Flattering to be a minute part of your success.” ~ Derek Bell, five-time Le Mans winner.

“Well done chap, 2,000,000 is a good number… Did you get $1 for each one?” ~ Allan McNish, three-time Le Mans winner.

We wondered how best to mark the moment – and have decided to act as something of a curator, to introduce potential new audiences to the sheer depth that lies within MP’s archive.

Here then is the first in a short series of features pulling together some of the very best of the Marshall Pruett Podcast.

First up, The Legends.

Marshall has chatted to an astounding list of motorsport luminaries over the just two and a half years of the Podcast’s life thus far. Here are just a few!

The very first edition of the Podcast featured none other than Mario Andretti.

(Martin Brundle and not Tony Dowe!)

There have been some emotive and emotional tributes too, again here’s just a selection with the passing of Dan Gurney, Dave Maraj and Don Panoz marked and the anniversaries of Al Holbert (30 years on) and Jim Clark (50 years on) marked too by some of those who knew the great men well:
The full archive of podcasts is available on the Marshall Pruett Podcast Facebook page.

You can also subscribe to it on these major podcast services:

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Part 2 Tomorrow!