It’s the end of the year, already, which means all of us at DSC HQ are busy planning our travel schedule for next season (yes, it is horrifying!). And it’s important to look back before we fly out to the USA in the coming days and do it all again for another year.

2018 was a strange one, it had its ups and downs. It had a mix of truly spectacular races, races washed out, and encounters that left many with a sour taste. But that’s racing, and all of us at DSC watch a lot of it! We travel the globe in an effort to serve you, our loyal readers, with the best coverage we can.

We may not always be first to the punch with news, we may not be at every race meeting (mainly because there are hundreds we could make a case for these days!), but we put the effort in so that when you all follow the races, you get in-depth coverage to help feed your addiction.

So, without further ado, here’s a look back at our season, travelling the world in 2018, with one picture from each major race meeting or event we attended: