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Sausset By SRT41 To Compete In Ultimate Cup In 2019

With a Ligier JS P3

La Filière Frédéric Sausset By SRT41 has announced that it will compete in the Prototype category of the Ultimate Cup Series next season.

The Ultimate Cup, which is a new series, supported by La Filière’s partner Michelin, will race at seven European circuits, with three in France (Dijon, Magny-Cours, and Paul Ricard) and four elsewhere (Estoril, Slovakia Ring, Mugello, and Valencia).

“This new step marks a logical evolution in our program by allowing us to discover new race tracks in the 2019 season, We are expecting a solid organization and a competitive grid,” said Frédéric Sausset.

This comes after La Filière Frédéric Sausset By SRT41 competed in the VdeV Series in 2018 and successfully made the podium in the Prestige-LMP3 category on three occasions over the course of five races.

“The VdeV Series was the perfect environment for embarking on this adventure. Eric Van De Vyver, its creator, allowed us to fine-tune our team in excellent conditions and in a good atmosphere. We cannot thank him enough,” said Sausset.

“We are sad to leave him, especially since Eric has continually supported us since the very beginning of the SRT41 adventure in 2015. It’s necessary to evolve in the second season before tackling the European Le Mans Series, but I have not ruled out a return to the VdeV Series for the first year of La Filière Frédéric Sausset By SRT41’s second driver’s session in 2020. We should follow the same path as for the class of 2018”

For the 2019 season, La Filière Frédéric Sausset By SRT41 will once again use a Ligier JSP3, with Snoussi Ben Moussa, Nigel Bailly, and Takuma Aoki behind the wheel.

“This is a pivotal season for us,” adds Sausset. “On the eve of joining the ELMS grid and competing in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020, we have to demonstrate our speed, consistency, and professionalism. The world of endurance racing will be watching us. We cannot disappoint them, especially if we want to attract new sponsors.”