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#4 Phoenix Audi Wins The 2019 Nürburgring 24 Hours

A second N24 for Stippler, first wins for Kaffer, Vervisch and Dries Vanthoor after Manthey lose lead to penalty

With the Audi able to stop later, and needing less fuel, the gap when Dries Vanthoor emerges is over 50 seconds, Estre though is pushing hard and takes an astounding Fastest Lap of the race (8:17.445) 45 minutes remaining and a 45-second gap.

More edgy is going to be the final podium place – the #14 Audi needs a splash and will lose third to the #3 Black Falcon AMG.

Drama in CupX as the class-leading #110 KTM is running slowly but with a big advantage over the second placed car in class.

Final pit stop for the #33 Falken BMW, that sees 6th place switch to the #18 GetSpeed AMG.

Gabriele Piana gets a 7000 Euro fine for his antics on the Dottinger Hoe that saw the Land Audi off track as he weaved ahead of it, leaving his own #6 AMG with a rear puncture.

The Glickenhaus takes eighth overall on the final lap.

The lead gap was coming down but not fast enough! Vanthoor in control, he pushed to the line to start the final lap, the Manthey Porsche slowing to take the checkered flag, the Audi will win by a lap after the Porsche dominated utterly until getting the 5:32 penalty.

Franck Stippler will win his second N24, Pierre Kaffer a first after finishing second here twice, and first wins too for Dries Vanthoor and Frederic Vervisch.

Top 10 Overall
#4 Phoenix Audi
#911 Manthey Porsche
#3 Black Falcon AMG
#14 Car Collection Audi
#12 Manthey Porsche
#18 GetSpeed AMG
#33 Falken BMW
#705 SCG 003C
#5 Phoenix Audi
#45 Kondo Nissan

Class leaders
15th overall – SP7 – #62 Porsche
18th overall – SP10 – #70 AMG
19th overall – SP3T – #88 Subaru
20th overall – SP8 – #148 Audi
22nd overall – AT – #320 Porsche
27th overall – SP6 – #80 Porsche
28th overall – SP8T – #36 Aston Martin
29th overall – Cup 3 – #310 Porsche
32nd overall – Cup 5 – #240 BMW
42nd overall – TCR – #172 Honda
54th overall – V6 – #133 Porsche
60th overall – Cup X – #110 KTM
61st overall – V5 – #146 Porsche
68th overall – SP3 – #115 Toyota
70th overall – V4 – #150 BMW
84th overall – V2T – #162 BMW
93rd overall – SP5 – #84 BMW
94th overall – SP4 – #325 BMW
110th overall – SP4T – #85 VW
121st overall – V3T – #718 Porsche