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Manthey Will Not Appeal Its N24 Disqualification

Result now final

Manthey Racing has decided that it will not lodge an appeal against the disqualification of its #911 Porsche 911 GT3 R from last month’s Nürburgring 24 Hours.

The German team’s Porsche, which dominated much of the race before being handed a stop-hold penalty of over five minutes which ultimately cost it the win and dropped it to second, was later disqualified from the results.

Manthey’s disqualification was handed out two weeks after the race. The DSMB found in technical inspections following the event that the engine’s power output exceeded the 494hp allowed under the Balance of Performance (including a 4% tolerance level), and therefore opted to disqualify the team from the results.

“Two weeks after the ADAC Total 24h Race, the #911 Manthey-Racing car was retrospectively disqualified by DMSB officials,” the team wrote in a statement.

“The engine in our inspected #911 car complied with all the key points of the homologation. The only thing that was not consistent with the prescribed 2 x 34.6-millimetre diameter of the restrictor, which was the size we used, was the performance value calculated by the ADAC technical committee.

“We must accept that we did not check the plausibility of the value calculated by the organiser, neither on the test bench in Weissach nor on our chassis dynamometer in Meuspath.

“We accept the judgement and will not lodge an appeal.”

Manthey’s decision not to appeal means the result is now final.