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Nick Leventis Retires From Motorsport After Doping Ban

Strakka Racing driver and team owner Nick Leventis has opted to retire from motorsport after receiving a four year FIA banned for an anti-doping violation.

Leventis tested positive for two different anabolic steroids (anastrozole and drostanolone) after the 2018 California 8 Hours at Laguna Seca (and how and the team’s finish and IGTC Pro-Am points are also withdrawn as a result)

Both substances were confirmed by the anti-doping investigation as being banned at any time, the investigation reporting that Leventis was not able to provide a therapeutic use exemption and that he had admitted the violation charged.

The statement issued by the FIA Anti-Doping Disciplinary Committee read: “The Driver has claimed, in later correspondence dated 25 March 2019, that the commission of the anti-doping rule violation was unintentional, explaining that the anastrozole was prescribed by a doctor and that the drostanolone was supplied to him by a personal trainer (under a brand name).

“The Driver says that the substances were administered without any intention to enhance his performance and that he did not know there was a risk that the administration of the substances would result in an anti-doping rule violation.

“However, given that he has retired from motorsport, the driver has indicated that he does not wish to fight the anti-doping proceedings against him and he is, therefore, prepared to accept the consequences prescribed by the FIA ADR.”