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Perfetti 935 Dominates Porsche GT2 Race 1 at Spa

First wheel-to-wheel race for new sportscar category

Egidio Perfetti dominated the first Porsche GT2 Supersportscar race of the Spa 24 Hours weekend, the first-every competitive race run to the SRO’s new GT2 ruleset.

Perfetti was engaged in an early battle with James Sofronas, with the two front-row protagonists fighting before Sofronas hit an issue that saw him drop some 15km/h on the straights.

Sofronas dropped through the field before pitting with 16 minutes to go. It meant he lost a lap and would finish last, but found his pace again in the end.

With Sofronas out of the way, Perfetti dominated the 30-minute (13-lap) race, pulling a huge gap in the new Porsche 935 and taking a 13.529-second win over Jan-Erik Slooten in a Porsche 911 GT2 Clubsport.

Klaus Abbelen took third a further seven seconds behind. Abbelen had looked secure in his third place, which was fairly lonely for most of the race.

But in the final laps, Christian Ried and Chris Hoy closed in and applied pressure. Abbelen was able to hold off his rivals taking third by 0.487 from Ried.

The key battle for the race was between Ried and Hoy. The two were battling hard for most of the running, with Hoy holding the early advantage. Ried would be looking to the inside and outside of Hoy and was finally able to take the position with two laps to go.

The two were battling doorhandle-to-doorhandle and it looked as if Hoy may be able to hold off Ried, but in the end, Hoy had to cede the position, seeing Ried take fourth and Hoy fifth.

There were other battles down the field with this inaugural GT2 round with Georg Bernsteiner and Steffen Görig finishing just 0.2 seconds apart for sixth and seventh, with Frank Kräling and Vincent Floirendo barely two seconds further behind.

The race ran without major incident except for a quick spin from Jason Bell, leaving Mark Ineichen having to take avoiding action around the final part of Les Combes.

The Race can be seen below – with commentary by Toby Moody and the DSC Ed.

The second race for the Porsche GT2 Supersportscars will take place at 13:15 local time on Saturday.