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British GT Championship Celebrates 300th Race At Donington

With a display of some Championship legends!

On April 25 1993, the BRDC National Sports GT Challenge hosted its first-ever race at Donington Park.

Just seven cars, all of them Porsches, entered a 30-minute contest won by John Greasley’s G-Force 935 K3.

Fast forward 13027 racing laps spanning 27 seasons and the championship is preparing for its 300th race at the very same venue.

Much has changed in that time, including the name, organiser, circuits and drivers. But it’s the cars spanning myriad classes that have remained British GT’s most enduring quality. So, what better way to celebrate the championship’s milestone than by gathering some of its legendary supercars and forgotten curiosities?

14 will be on display in Donington’s main paddock this weekend, most of which will also complete a parade lap just before British GT’s season finale.

Tracking them down hasn’t been easy. A task undertaken principally by the DSC Editor and SRO’s Tom Hornsby.

Many hail from a pre-customer racing era when less stringent homologation rules meant very few racing versions were produced. Just two TVR Cerbera Speed 12s raced in British GT, while only one Harrier GT1-98 is thought to survive. Both are in attendance this weekend.

Others from British GT’s golden GT1 era are now so valuable that public displays are few and far between. That explains why the McLaren F1 GTR, Porsche 911 and Lister Storm are all missing this weekend despite SRO’s best efforts to secure them. Others, like the one-off Sintura S99 and Marcos Mantis LM600, now reside overseas.

But there are plenty more famous cars for fans old and new to savour this weekend.

Aston Martin’s very first British GT winner, the Marsh Plant-developed V8 driven by Gerry Marshall and David Leslie in period, sits alongside its GT3-era Prodrive-built DBRS9 and V12 Vantage cousins, while Team LNT’s Panoz Esperante GTLM also makes a rare appearance.

Jason Clegg’s TVR T400R, still resplendent in its original Rollcentre Racing livery, is joined by another car made famous by Rollcentre, the Mosler MT900R, while one of only a handful of Morgan Aero 8 GTs is also in attendance along with Team Tiger’s Marcos Mantis.

There’s also the quirky Gulf Air Racing Volkswagen Golf GTi that contested 2003’s GTO class despite being front wheel-drive and, well, a hatchback!