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Drew Gibson’s 2020 Endurance Racing Calendar

It's amazing, he's amazing, but he does moan a lot

Drew Gibson is an endurance racing press room enigma. There is seldom, if ever, a moment when he is not possessed and irritated by some aspect of life – often something fairly inconsequential, but always eliciting a tsunami of (usually very amusing) bile. A ‘Drew Moan’ is a thing to behold, an ardent and almost poetic destruction of whatever it is that riled him for that particular 10-minute section of the day.

And it would be so, so easy therefore to dismiss Drew as yet another serial complainer, never satisfied with anything, and likely never satisfied with his work either. However, that’s one area he should be more than content with because, here’s the real enigma, the man is a magician with a camera.

Again at the end of 2019, he’s producing a calendar for the coming New Year, in massive A2 format every single image is enough to make any amateur photographer, and most Pros, weep with jealousy, gathered from his globetrotting career catering for some of the biggest factory teams in endurance racing.

So here is the point of this short item. If you are, like so many racing fans, living in dread of what your family will produce in your meagre pile of gifts on Christmas Day to light your racing fire then please, for the love of God, give them the details below and tell them that this is, very much “just what you wanted” if not then mark my words, the Top Gear book of the Worlds Most Amazing Supercars awaits, again!

Its available here in the UK for just £45, about the cost of a month of Autosport Magazine (but with much, much better pictures)! Other calendars are available, but they are nowhere near as good!

But my god his wife must be a saint!

Details (of the Calendar, not of Mrs Gibson) are available HERE