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Marateotto & Frey Join Revolution Race Cars

The plans for The Revolution continue to progress

Revolution Race Cars has announced two further additions to its board.

Michelin Le Mans Cup podium winner and sports prototype gentleman racer, Marcello Marateotto, brings his customer experience to the group of racers on the board with a stake in the company, along with long-term business partner and Le Mans and prototype racer, Michel Frey.

Together, Revolution states that “they bring the management experience and board influence to an unprecedented level in sports race car manufacturing in recent times.”

Marateotto said that he feels Revolution’s product offers a good stepping stone to high-level prototype racing.

“Having been through all steps in the racing ladder, I believe it’s the perfect car on the road to Le Mans and back for owner drivers racing up to LMP3 and above,” he said.

“It sits comfortably above the current national level sports prototype cars, offering a very similar LMP3 experience without the high costs.”

Revolution’s CEO Phil Abbott, (a former stakeholder in Radical), said: “To have Marcello and Michel join us is a huge benefit to the company. It continues the position of only racers on the board.

“Straight away from the first meeting, they were able to bring fresh racers’ vision to the products and future plans.

“Together, we decided to enhance the already class-leading aero design to add more downforce to the performance package.

“We have considerable plans to make Revolution the go-to series for speed and safety.”

The company’s prototype, The Revolution (featured), is a sub-£100k carbon-tubbed track car. It can be raced in the Sports Prototype Cup, a series which features classes Revolutions and Radical SR3s in the UK. In the future, Revolution aims to have owners racing internationally too, though there are no details yet on where the car will be eligible to compete.