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2020 FIA Driver Categorisation List Published

Few shocks, several successful appeals!

There are few major surprises in the FIA driver categorisations for 2020.

The full list is published today after the deadline expired for appeals to provisional listings.

There are several points of interest with some significant emerging talents ‘rewarded’ with a category change.

From the Michelin Le Mans Cup LMP3 and GT Champions Sergio Pianezzola and Fabien Lavergne both move up from Bronze to Silver. Duncan Tappy though seems to have successfully appealed against his ‘elevation’ to Gold status.

From the ELMS Job van Uitert, James Allen and Arjun Maini move from Silver to Gold but Colin Noble and Mikkel Jensen stay as Silvers after appeal. Martin Hippe retains his Bronze ranking too as young Gustas Grinbergas moves from Bronze to Silver.

In the FIA WEC Gabriel Aubry, Charlie Eastwood, Charlie Robertson, Felipe Fraga and Kei Cozzolino move from Silver to Gold, Nyck de Vries from Gold to Platinum after his FIA F2 Championship win (though the 2020 ranking changes will not apply within the current WEC season for the affected drivers

From World Challenge and IGTC Ahmad Al Harthy moves from Silver to Bronze, Rodrigo Baptista and Nico Bastian Silver to Gold.

From British GT, Richard Williams moves to Silver from Bronze, Scott Maxwell moves in the opposite direction, Scott one of a number of notables that are downgraded as he is now over 55!

Also in that bracket are multiple Le Mans 24 Hours winner Frank Biela (now a super-duper Silver) Peter Kox and Tim Sugden.

Stephane Ortelli and Joerg Muller are also downgraded from Platinum to Gold as is Marino Franchitti.

The van der Linde boys are both upgraded, Sheldon (below) from Silver to Gold, Kelvin from Gold to Platinum.

Memo Gidley is another to move from Silver to Bronze.

Key movers:

Hunter Abbott – Silver to Bronze
Ahmad Al Harthy – Silver to Bronze
James Allen – Silver to Gold

Giacomo Altoè – Silver to Gold
Takayuki Aoki – Gold to Silver
Gabriel Aubry – Silver to Gold
Rodrigo Baptista – Silver to Gold
Marc Basseng – Gold to Silver
Nico Bastian Silver to Gold
Frank Biela – Gold to Silver

Geoffrey Boss – Silver to Bronze
Valdeno Brito Filho – Gold to Silver
Jorge Cabezas Catalan – Bronze to Silver
Carlos Cantu – Bronze to Silver
Eduard Cauhaupe – Bronze to Silver
Laurent Cazenave – Silver to Bronze
Yin Yu Chen – Bronze to Silver
Riccardo Chiesa – Bronze to Silver
Cole Ciraulo – Bronze to Silver
Jonathan Cochet – Gold to Silver
Maximo Cortes Chavarri – Gold to Silver
Kei Cozzolino – Silver to Gold
Carlo Curti – Silver to Bronze
William David – Silver to Bronze
Jean-Philippe Dayraut – Silver to Bronze
Nyck de Vries – Gold to Platinum
Philippe Descombes – Bronze to Silver

Alex Dimaano Brown – Bronze to Silver
Philippe Dumas – Silver to Bronze
Charlie Eastwood – Silver to Gold
Duncan Ende – Silver to Bronze

Elia Erhart – SIlver to Bronze
Andrea Fausti – SIlver to Bronze
Felipe Fraga – Silver to Gold
Marino Franchitti – Platinum to Gold

Michael Funke – Silver to Bronze
Vittorio Ghiretti – Gold to Silver
Raffaele Giammaria – Gold to Silver
Memo Gidley – Silver to Bronze

Kevin Gilardoni – Gold to Silver
Keith Grant – Silver to Bronze
Gustas Grinbergas – Bronze to Silver
Andres Guindi – Bronze to Silver
Ross Gunn – Silver to Gold
Taylor Hagler – Bronze to Silver
Dan Harper – Silver to Gold
Christian Hohenadel – Gold to Silver
Abu Bakar Ibrahin – Bronze to Silver
H H Prince Abdul Rahman Ibrahin – Bronze to Silver
Russell Ingall – Silver to Bronze
Jonatan Jorge – Bronze to Silver
Mateusz Kaprzyk – Bronze to Silver
James Kaye – Silver to Bronze
Francois Kirmann – Bronze to Silver
Peter Kox – Gold to Silver

Vesko Kozarov – Bronze to Silver
Fabien Lavergne – Bronze to Silver
Arjun Maini – Silver to Gold

Scott Malvern – Gold to Silver
Marcel Marchewicz – Bronze to Silver
Rino Mastronardi – Silver to Bronze
Scott Maxwell – Silver to Bronze

Jordan Mayhew – Bronze to Silver
Jon Miller – Bronze to Silver
Andrea Montermini – Gold to Silver
Jorg Mueller – Platinum to Gold
Alex Müller – Gold to Silver

Fernando Navarette- Silver to Bronze
Oswaldo Negri Jr – No rating to Bronze
Ibrahin Okyay – SIlver to Bronze
Stephane Ortelli – Platinum to Gold
Nelson Panciatici – Platinum to Gold

Tim Pappas – Bronze
Sten Pentus – Gold to Silver
Fabian Peroni – Silver to Bronze
Milane Petelet – Bronze to Silver
Sergio Piannezola – Bronze to Silver
Thomas Pichler – Silver to Bronze
Hugh Plumb – Silver to Bronze
Jerome Policand – Silver to Bronze

Jan Rehnig – Bronze to Silver
Charlie Robertson – Silver to Gold
Shahan Sarkissian – Silver to Bronze
Ukyo Sasahara – Silver to Gold
Dominik Schwager – Gold to Silver

Marco Signoretti – Bronze to Silver
Glenn Smith – SIlver to Bronze
Jan Philipp Springob – Bronze to Silver
Drew Staveley – Bronze to Silver
Tim Sugden – Silver to Bronze
Sheldon van der Linde – Silver to Gold
Kelvin van der Linde – Gold to Platinum
Job van Uitert – Silver to Gold

Ronny Wechselberger – Bronze to Silver
Richard Williams – Bronze to Silver
Marius Zug – Bronze to Silver

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