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Dinner With Racers Now Available To Stream On Amazon Prime

In the US and UK

The popular motorsport podcast ‘Dinner with Racers’ has expanded, with a new six-part docuseries on Amazon Prime (free for Prime members) now available to steam, featuring co-hosts Ryan Eversley and Sean Heckman.

Running under the same name as the podcast, “Dinner with Racers” debuts with the same diversity of stories as the audio series, with all episodes focusing on completely different topics, all 30 to 60 minutes in length. The first three episodes debut this holiday weekend, including the premiere episode available now, with the final three to appear in December. Availability is currently limited to Amazon subscribers in the US and UK, with additional international distribution to be announced soon.

All episodes come with the trademark support of Continental Tire, who remains the key partner in both the video and podcast series, as well as Acura, who continued to aid the group with the traditional MDX for the trip.

Beginning a brand-new journey in 2019, the team traveled over 50,000 miles during a seven-month production cycle, traveling to restaurants and locales around the U.S., as well as Jamaica, shedding light on a variety of untold and forgotten tales.

The series’ podcast will remain unchanged, with recordings happening concurrently throughout the year and the traditional “binge release” happening throughout December, including five episodes out now.

Sticking to the series’ theme of diversity in stories and themes, the new docuseries topics range from examining the racing scene in a Caribbean island to exploring the career of one of racing’s most controversial car builders, to the most legendary prank of all time, and even an episode dedicated exclusively to Bobby Unser stories… in cartoon form.

For series co-host and co-producer Ryan Eversley, the next step of the “Dinner with Racers” brand is an exciting one.

“It’s been a heck of an adventure in 2019,” stated Ryan Eversley. “Taking on this series with such a small group was a monumental task, but I believe we can all take pride in the final product. I think fans of our show will love this adaptation.

“We didn’t just want to film ourselves eating, we wanted to really take this project to the next level with a proper docuseries, hopefully, that effort shows.

“We couldn’t have done this if our partners at Continental Tire had not shown a great willingness to step up our efforts, and of course, Acura who has played a big role in both the series and my career. None of this would have happened if we didn’t have the best fans in the world, who continue to show their love and support, which is what makes this possible.”

DSC has watched the first episode, and was mightily impressed. The production values are high, and both Eversley and Heckman make it an entertaining watch. If Episode One is anything to go by, if you enjoy the podcast then you will certainly enjoy this, it is well worth your time.

Out now

Episode One: Jamaica: The Big Money Race

This Weekend

Episode Two: Smokey

Episode Three: The Animated Adventures of Uncle Bobby

Available in December

Episode Four: VIRginia International Raceway

Episode Five: The Poster: An Ode to Tim Richmond

Episode Six: The Hustlista: A Cautionary Tale.