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2020 ELMS Sporting Regs See Le Mans Auto Entries Revamped

Up to seven auto-entries, but hard-linked to entry numbers

The Sporting Regulations for the 2020 European Le Mans Series have been published today with a number of tweaks and clarifications included.

Perhaps most significantly there is a change to the way in which auto-entries for the Le Mans 24 Hours will be allocated, with up to seven auto entries potentially available via the 2020 ELMS.

To reach that level though the car counts in both the GT (GTE) class and in LMP2 need to be at a high level.

In LMP2 for 2019 the top two finishers in the overall team points were awarded auto-entries.

For 2020 auto entries will be tied to the number of full-season entries in both classes:

For LMP2 if there are up to 11 entries then just one auto entry will be awarded to the class Champion;
From 12-17 entries that will rise to two automatic entries for first and second place in the class;
and from 18-23 LMP2s with full-season entries there will be three full season entries awarded to the top three finishers in the class.

There’s a similar system in place for GTE, again a class where for 2019 the top two teas in the class standings were awarded an auto-entry.

For 2020, if 4-7 GT class cars are registered for the full-season it will be a single auto entry for the class winning team.

From 8-11 cars it will be auto entries for the top two teams in the class

and if 12-15 cars are registered for the season a third entry will go the way of the team that finishes third in the standings.

The LMP3 Championship winning team will again be awarded an auto entry.

Perhaps in the wake of the confusion at the final race of the season clarifications and tweaks have also been made to the permitted crews’ compositions and driving times “in order to be clearer for the competitors and to avoid any misunderstanding.”

In a similar vein the 2020 ELMS regulations and the articles numbering have been standardized in order to be similar to the FIA World Endurance Championship regulations to make them clearer for the competitors