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DSC At TMG: Part 2, The Facility

A trip into the bowels of TMG

The last time DSC visited TMG at Cologne was back in 2012, when the Hybrid LMP1 era was in its infancy. A lot has changed at Toyota’s ever-evolving motorsport goldmine. 350 staff work full time at the huge plant, which is used to service cars, design and produce race cars and service a slew of other external clients in both motorsport and other industries.

The amount of cutting-edge machinery that TMG in Cologne houses is staggering; it hasn’t stood still since the end of its F1 programme in 2009. You can still take a blank sheet of paper, design a race car, then manufacture and test it using only the facilities available inside these castle walls. The workspaces are huge, the engine department is somewhat of an Aladdin’s cave and the two wind-tunnels are still so valuable that they continue to be used by F1 teams to this day.

DSC wasn’t able to take pictures in every room as Toyota, understandably, doesn’t want to show off all its secrets to the public. But, the gallery below should serve as a real treat.

It features shots from the foyer, the museum, the customer racing workshop and more. There was so much to see, and this is only a small sample.

It’s easy to see why TMG HQ at Cologne is described by one member of the workforce as: ‘the best maze in the world’.

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