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IMSA President John Doonan, “Good Things Are Coming”

Patience required on convergence, but the signs are very good

One of a number of significant players that DSC caught up within the aftermath of this morning’s Daytona Press Conference, IMSA President John Doonan was the one man on the top table with a dual perspective, as a senior administrator of one of the major partners, and as the ex Team Principal of Mazda’s factory efforts.

“It is an. historic moment. As I came through the tunnel today I was sort of saying to myself, I can’t believe we’re going to finally do this. It’s been years of effort by the France family by, IMSA, by Scott Atherton, Don Panoz and all of those guys.

“I’m just fortunate to now be here as the caretaker of IMSA at such a moment.

“I think that the key piece in the jigsaw was taking a perspective of the manufacturers, and they’re giving us plenty of input.

“As I ran my previous team, I was always worried about logistics and personnel and the costs of doing it.

“We need to keep those things in mind and contain those costs. But man, what an opportunity we have here for all these manufacturers. The current ones who have pushed us and then those who now see the opportunity to do this on a global scale.

“Based on the level of interest that’s come to us already with this idea of convergence I’m hopeful that many will announce relatively soon, that they’re obviously happy with today. They’re going to go back and study it. They’re going to go to their boards and talk about this as a platform to showcase their brands around the world.

“Good things are coming.”