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Pierre Fillon On Convergence, “It’s a Very Important Day For Endurance Racing”

ACO President on the future of the top class, and LMP2

“It’s a big emotion for me today because we have been working together with Jim, for a long time to achieve this, what we announced today.

“The first step was with LMP2 but for sure the dream was to achieve something with the top category and today it’s done. So it’s a very important day for me. It’s a very important day

The LMP2 platform has been a huge success, and it looks like going from strength to strength in Europe again this year with big numbers expected?

“We will build a new chassis for the new LMDh with the current four manufacturers who are building the old LMP2 chassis and this chassis will be the basis of the next generation of LMP2.

“The next generation of LMP2 will be in 2022. So we need to develop what will be the future for the class but for sure, this will be the same chassis.

There’s something else that this announcement may impact upon which I know is very special for you. In 2023 we have the centenary of the Le Mans 24 Hours where we will have a new converged top class with the potential for a good number of top-class cars.

“Yes, for sure. The centenary will, I think, attract some more manufacturers and for sure 2023 will be an amazing race meeting.”