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Ford Vs Ferrari (Le Mans ’66) Wins Pair Of Academy Awards

James Mangold's film gets both recognition and a pair of golden statuettes in Los Angeles

2019 movie Ford Vs Ferrari (named Le Mans ’66 in the UK), which follows the story of the rivalry between the two automotive giants during the 1960s at the Le Mans 24 Hours won two awards at the 92nd Academy Awards last night.

The film, directed by James Mangold which starred Christian Bale (as Ken Miles) and Matt Damon (as Caroll Shelby) won the Academy Awards for Best Sound Editing and Best Film Editing.

The last time a motorsport-themed movie won an award at The Oscars was back in 1967 when Grand Prix won Oscars for Best Sound Effects, Best Film Editing and Best Sound at the 39th Academy Awards.

It was also nominated for Best Picture (won by Parasite) and Best Sound Mixing (won by 1917).

DSC highly recommends Ford Vs Ferrari/Le Mans ’66. In its review last year, DSC wrote:

“(Le Mans ’66) makes the cars, and the racing look exciting and glamorous, it makes the Le Mans of the 1960s look like the world-leading event that it was, and indeed still is. And it succeeds where other films have routinely failed, putting the people and the cars that they race into a scenario where an audience can begin to care about the outcome.

“This is a film that will get, and deserves, an audience rather wider than those that will ever read this review. The nuances of motorsport on film are less important than the film potentially finding new followers for the sport.”

Le Mans ’66 is available now to buy and rent.