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An Offer To Freelancers Affected By The COVID-19 Response

And a call to motorsport media colleagues to join this effort

Our sport is served, fed, publicised, trained, cared for, treated, honed and entertained by a huge number of people worldwide, and the reality is that a very significant proportion of these fine men and women are self-employed and/ or freelancers.

With the decimation of the motorsport calendar their earning potential has just disappeared for however long this takes.

We can’t replace all of that income, but we can act to restrict the damage.

So if you are directly affected drop me a line with a brief description of your skillsets and availability (does not have to be motorsport specific) plus contact details and we’ll publicise your availability, completely free of charge, through this website, and our social media channels.

Here’s the second part of the call, motorsport media, like many niche markets, is highly competitive.

Here’s an opportunity to put that aside and do some good, I’m happy to share any and all contacts with those who come back to me and would ask others to join this effort and share those details with your readers and followers, in any language.

I don’t care what your views are over the nature of the crisis and the response to it, I am just very concerned indeed about colleagues around the world whose income has just disappeared.

However long this takes , let’s get through it together