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DSC Changes Direction During COVID-19 Crisis

With the news surrounding the global reaction to the COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus all pretty much bad at the moment, here at DSC we’ve been taking some time to consider what will best support our readers during a time where, for many, there is set to be rather more time spent at home, and for all of us rather more negativity around.

With all of that in mind, we’ll be taking several measures to adapt our output.

COVID-19 Updates

There seems little or no point in continuing screaming BREAKING NEWS headlines around further cancellations and/ or postponements of race meetings. The reality is that racing at all levels is ceasing for a period of time that is presently unclear.

With that in mind, any further general announcements of that sort will be gathered together for no more than a daily update.

We will, of course, be bringing any other relevant news to readers as it breaks and any significant updates will be reported promptly.

We currently expect no confirmed positive news for some weeks.

Enhanced Feature Coverage

We will though be putting some real effort into enhancing DSC’s feature coverage for the coming weeks.

We want to continue to fuel the passion for the sport whilst there is no live-action to top it up as normal.

Therefore, from tomorrow, you can expect daily new content, a combination of interviews, features, reviews and some DSC ‘Golden Oldies’.

There will be some interactive features too – with quizzes and challenges supported by our social media channels and our podcast output, with our pal Marshall Pruett will continue too – more on that in the coming days!

Supporting Our Industry

As many of you will already be aware we have been attempting to support some of the currently very hard-pressed freelance staff in our industry by providing a shop window for their skills – that has already had some success in finding at least a small number of people new business.

We will continue that service for as long as this situation continues, and for as long as we are receiving new requests.

Please read those ads, and consider whether you and anyone you know, might find the services available of use, please retweet the ads when we publish them and encourage others to do so.

The service is open to anyone primary employed in motorsport and we have already received requests for ads from right across motorsport, Formula One, Formula E, NASCAR, WRC and WTCR as well as from across the endurance racing world.

In addition, our friend and colleague Jacki Warnock is gathering details of global resources available to support our friends and colleagues in what are very worrying times for everyone.

We’ll be posting details of Jacki’s project in the next 24 hours and, again, would encourage anyone that can help with details of financial, mental health or other relevant services with any capacity, anywhere, to let us and her know so that they can feature in a central resource pack for others.

The world has changed remarkably quickly in the last few weeks, there are massive challenges, but also some opportunities, we’re trying to rise to just a few of them, and we’d ask all of you out there to do the same, be there for your friends and family and if there is an opportunity to help, then please do so.

This is where the ‘motorsport family’ can really make a difference.