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Helmet Design Story Time: Alex Brundle

Like father, like son!

“My helmet design starts off with the rather younger me trying to try to take a twist on the old classic Grand Prix ‘swoop’ that we Brundles have used for a while!

“I decided I was going to try and take that and muck about with it and but I couldn’t really come up with anything that improved on it and really ended up defaulting back to our family colours, which have become our family colours purely on the basis of me stealing them off my Dad!

“If anybody should ever see fit to make a family with me, then I hope that design would be carried on.

“The latest development of that has been two things – Richard Mille came on board with us when we first did Le Mans together, Dad and I. It turned into a meeting of families actually because Richard and his son Dimitri are both passionate about the event.

“And so I gave my helmet design to the company, to the design team and they turned around for me with Dimitri Mille actually designing the whole thing.

“That’s what you will see now when I’m out on the European Le Mans Series grid, that is actually the Richard Mille watch design across the Brundle colours, it is actually a mixture of those kinds of two entities together.

What about the original design?

“The original helmet from Dad was designed in Kings Lynn in Norfolk, in a paint shop at Brundle Volkswagen.

“Dad will always tell you that his helmet design changed about 400 times before he made it to F3 and then he went to F1 and kept it the same for many years.

“That’s because they had a paint shop in the family business and, of course, he’d just mess about in the paint shop painting helmets!”