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#Letsgetthroughthis: Freelance Talent Available, Part 9

Writing Talent From The UK, Europe and North America

More freelance talent below, looking for earning opportunities or future contracts with pour sport at a standstill.

As always if you can help, either by offering business opportunities or by pointing people in the right direction please do.


I am a 28-year-old freelance sports journalist that writes mostly for a Wolfsburg-based newspaper.

I have written about just about every sport imaginable, ranging from pro and amateur soccer or pro hockey to the occasional motorsports report about rallying or even speedboat racing.

I am very interested in the history of Formula 1, IndyCar and sportscar racing and am currently closely following the IndyCar series, but basically, if it has four wheels and goes fast, I am interested.

Over the past eleven years, I have gathered experience in writing for print media as well as online media, as the paper I usually write for started to increasingly push its online presence over the last few years.

I am based in Brunswick, Germany.

Yannik Haustein


I’m a long-time reporter and editor. After several decades writing about sports for metro dailies, I transitioned into also writing about the automotive industry. I’m in my 16th year.

I write an automotive column (print only) on Sundays for the San Jose Mercury and East Bay Times and I also contribute a monthly new car review to Gulfshore Business in Naples, Fla.

I also edit and publish an automotive website and its corresponding free newsletter and podcast. The information is listed below.

If print and/or online publications need an assist during the coronavirus crisis, I worked remotely and get the job done. It’s what daily journalists were trained to do.

James Raia
Sacramento, California
Syndicated Auto Columnist • Editor • Publisher • Contributing Writer • Podcast Host
Tel: (916)-508-5122
Visit my site:
Visit my podcast:


I have covered the IndyCar Series/Road to Indy since 2014 and IMSA since 2018.

I have newspaper, magazine and online experience with limited radio experience as well.

Availability is currently open and I am located around Indianapolis.

Christopher DeHarde

United Kingdom

I’m a copywriter, journalist and producer.

I’ve worked in many different industries but mainly in the automotive and motorsport sectors, which is where my passion lies. Until recently was working for Autosport overseeing the production of their branded content (video, editorial, social media) as well as writing articles and social media copy for a number of high profile brand channels. [Producer] [Producer & Copywriter]  [Producer & Copywriter]

My background is as an automotive and travel journalist in the luxury sector, but I’ve worked as a freelance copywriter for years across a range of industries. If you need words for anything, I’m your girl.

Jennifer Mason
M: +44 (0) 7810 201277


Experienced Freelance Writer.

I have covered many topics but have not attained a reliable assignment for any national publications or websites.

Motorsports veteran, I have participated and enjoyed the sport since young and have raced in a few series over the years. Primary big league career was within what is now IMSA as a Fly-In Crew Member responsible for Fuel, Tire Guy and Pit Setup for a decade and includes a victory in the 2011 24 Hours of Daytona.

My primary business in the Financial Services industry as an Independent Advisory and Financial Planning. That encompasses many skills including Client Management, Marketing, Technology and website development and Business Management.

Other experience and interests focus on the Outdoor Industry and include Skiing and Mountain Bike Guide and travel.

I have a rather unique background and can provide help in many ways including Writing Projects or Business Management.

Thanks for your time and a great resource.

Paul Seglund
Tel: (541)647-8157

United Kingdom

I worked for Sean Edwards Foundation for over 3 years as the Press Officer, plus worked in media for the last 15 years.

I started p-s-media last year I mainly help drivers, teams or companies with Social Media, Website Management, Press Releases, Race Reports plus anything I can help with re admin, I have worked with GT Marques racing team, Nick Tandy and Team JTR plus other drivers and even the odd data engineer, I also take photographs and videos.

Paul Sutcliffe
Tel: 07833 606229


I’m a staff writer and photographer for Motorsports Tribune, a site I’m proudly glad to be a part of since 2018.

What I bring to the table are flexibility and multi-tasking. I’m a self-taught photographer that’s shot NASCAR, INDYCAR and IMSA races, and have done videography throughout my media career, not as much on the latter but certainly, have experience in that field.

Right now until this pandemic continues, any opportunities in the Everett/Seattle area will be super appreciative. I may be open to doing other things in the Western U.S. area, but at this time it’s uncertain due to my state being severely impacted by this crisis.

Here are links of my works over the years:
Motorsports Tribune Articles:
Motorsports Tribune Gallery:


Luis Torres
Motorsports Tribune


I’m a Senior Editor on a Spanish MotoGP website ( which has been heavily hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

We lost our economic support since the championship is on hold. We need that economic support for our infrastructure (Web hosting, domain, expenses, etc) This was the first year we could send someone to cover races outside Spain (Starting in Qatar). We had to pull out our man in there to fly again to Madrid to be with his family.

Apart from being an editor, I currently produce (and sometimes host) two podcasts (F1 and Motorcycle in General) My knowledge goes beyond those two into more specific championships like Nascar, Indycar and Formula E.

Alex Reyes


I’ve written about various motorsports for some of the World’s largest outlets such as Reuters,, and ESPN the magazine. And I think my greatest strength lies in columns, but, not shy about deadline writing.

Early in my career, I wrote for Auto Motor und Sport, Sport Auto (Germany), MotorSport Aktuell (Switzerland) and Rombo (a now-defunct Autosprint rival in Italy).

I have appeared on television shows concerning motorsports especially Driver of the Year (an American award like Autosport or Autosprint).

When the CART series ran in Surfers Paradise I was a paid colour commentator, but since I have a face for radio I’m probably best for podcasts.

I was a paid guest host on SiriusXM’s “Press Pass” and am a paid guest on PRN’s “Pit Reporters”.

Getting back to my column or feature writing I enjoy first-person experience-type stories and have published quite a few.

Don’t hold it against me; I used to practice law in the courts of New York City, too. So I enjoy holding my ground in debates.

Although most of my coverage, these days, is NASCAR and IndyCar, I’ve covered motorsports globally during my career at venues in Europe and Japan.

In the miscellaneous category, I’m very proud to say I guided NASCAR’s champion, Brad Keselowski’s, sister through an IndyCar paddock using only NASCAR jargon. I also have been a paid tour guide at IndyCar and NASCAR races for over 20-years.

Last, but not least, I can reliably get responses from some of the most famous motorsports figures in the United States due to professional relationships I’ve developed over the years.

Lewis Franck
+1 917 721 1037

For any other freelances and contract staff, or for that matter full-time employees impacted by the wholesale cancellation of the racing calendar please send details of your skillset, availability and contact details to