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GT1 Week Catch Up

Missed any of DSC's GT1 features? The full library is here!

GT1 Week on Dailysportscar was a huge success. Over the course of seven days, we posted galleries, interviews, archive gems and film shows all centred around the four GT1 eras.

The feedback has been superb and overwhelming. We’re glad so many of our readers engaged with this content, which took weeks to gather and produce.

If you missed any of them, here’s your chance to catch up:

The GT1 Years With Stephane Ratel: Part 1, New Beginnings

Read the first part of DSC’s multi-part interview with Stephane Ratel, the architect of GT1 HERE >>>

The Art Of Reading A Rule Book, The Dauer 962 LM

Take a look at Werner Kirchmann’s story of how the 1994 Le Mans 24 Hours was won as Dauer and Porsche showed where the early GT1 regulations had significant flaws HERE >>>

Corvette Racing, 20 Years at Le Mans

With Le Mans set to run without Corvette this year, we took a trip down memory lane, re-running our gallery featuring every Corvette to race at Le Mans since 2000. Check it out HERE >>>

BPR Blues, How We Got What We Wanted But Lost What We Had

Remember BPR? DSC does. We ran an outstanding gallery of 1996 BPR gorgeousness together with a link to John Brook’s contemporary blog post lifting the lid towards the end of a second year of amazing GT racing. You can find it HERE >>>

How The McLaren F1 Went Racing, With David Clark

Jota Sport’s David Clark told DSC the tale of how the McLaren F1 GTR went from road car to race car HERE >>>

The Harrods McLaren At Le Mans, With Derek Bell

Derek Bell recounted the story of his run in the Harrods McLaren at the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours, which saw him come achingly close to winning Le Mans for a sixth time. Take a look HERE >>>

British GT 1999: The Last Year Of The GT1s

DSC ran multiple pieces on GT1 cars racing in national championships. One of them was a full gallery from the 1999 British GT Championship season, the final campaign for GT1 in the series. Take a look HERE >>>

DSC Retro: Looking Back To British GT1s In 1999

Continuing the theme of British GT in 1999, we re-ran a piece from 2005 when former Editor Malcolm Cracknell looked back at an extraordinary season HERE >>>

The All Japan Files

RJ O’Connell then took a deep dive into the GT1 scene in Japan. Unsurprisingly it’s full of fabulous tales and pictures. Read it HERE >>>

GT1 Tales: Tim Sugden

Tim Sugden looked back his time spent racing GT1 cars in the UK. Catch up HERE >>>

Richard Dean On The 1999 Sintura S99

There were plenty of odd-ball GT1 cars over the years, one of them was the Sintura S99. Richard Dean reflected on driving the S99 in 1999 HERE >>>

Le Mans 24 Hours 1997 Gallery

If you love longtail GT1 cars, you’ll love our full 1997 Le Mans Gallery from John Brooks. It can be found HERE >>>

The GT1 Years With Stephane Ratel: Part 2, Money Talks, Then Walks

DSC’s interview with Stephane Ratel continued with a look back at the explosion of manufacturers and cost in GT1 in the late 90s. Read it HERE >>>

Looking Back At The 1998 FIA GT Finale

The next Gallery was a look back at the 1998 FIA GT race at Laguna Seca, a race packed with big name teams and drivers doing battle in a mix of GT1 and GT2 machinery. Remember the greatness HERE >>>

GT1 Tales: Andy Wallace

Want to hear about Andy Wallace driving a selection of GT1 cars from De Tomaso, McLaren and Panoz? Look no further than our interview last week HERE >>>

GT1 Tales: Allan McNish

When you think of Allan McNish, you may think Audi. But before he drove for the ‘Four Rings’ he spent plenty of time with two other major factories in sportscar racing. Tales from his days racing with Toyota and Porsche in the late 90s can be found HERE >>>

The Saleen S7R, A ‘Beast’ That Needed Taming

The Saleen S7R was a star of the early 2000s, taking on the might of Aston Martin and Corvette in the US and beyond. Johnny Mowlem was a firm part of Steve Saleen’s GT1 dream and told us all about it HERE >>>

The GT1 Years With Stephane Ratel: Part 3, Reinvention

Stephane Ratel’s multi-part interview continued with a discussion about GT1’s reinvention and the introduction of Maserati’s MC12 which was a milestone car for the category. Read it HERE >>>

GT1 Tales: Darren Turner

Darren Turner, one of the key players in the Aston Martin vs Corvette era tells us about his most memorable moments from the GT1 era HERE >>>

CARE Racing Ferrari 550 Maranello, By The Numbers

DSC looks at the history of the 10 CARE Racing Ferrari 550 Maranellos produced by Prodrive. It was the predecessor programme to the Aston Martin DBR9, and campaigned in GTS and GT1 with much success from 2001 to 2006. Catch up HERE >>>

Aston Martin DBR9, By The Numbers

The Aston Martin DBR9 gets the same ‘By The Numbers’ treatment of the 550 HERE >>>

The Maserati MC12, A Dominant Force In The FIA GT Championship

The Maserati MC12 was a winner, and easily the most successful GT1 car in FIA GT history. Maserati factory driver Andrea Bertolini and engineer Sven Schnabl weigh in on one of The Trident’s most spectacular cars HERE >>>

Corvette C5.R Retrospective

The C5.R was undoubtedly a special GT car, which won big in the USA and at the Le Mans 24 Hours. DSC looked back at its development in a piece you can find HERE >>>

The GT1 Years With Stephane Ratel: Part 4, Going Global

The final part of DSC’s GT1-focused interview with Stephane Ratel covers the final years of GT1 and the creation of the FIA GT1 World Championship. Does he think it was a mistake looking back? Find out HERE >>>

Remembering The FIA GT1 World Championship

GT1 Week then came to a close on DSC with a reflective piece on the FIA GT1 World Championship, which Peter Kox says is ‘the best championship’ he’s ever been a part of. Read our chat with him HERE >>>