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Team WRT’s Vincent Vosse: Looking For Future Programmes For His DTM Team

Urging ACO to accommodate GT3 in the FIA WEC

It’s not just Phoenix racing amongst the outgoing Audi DTM teams that is looking at the potential future options offered by ACO rules racing.

Team WRT CEO Vincent Vosse spent some time explaining to the DSC Editor where his team were currently looking for opportunities to ensure that their carefully assembled team can be kept together and in winning form.

Vincent made it clear that he is looking to future programmes both near at hand, and possibly further afield as he recasts the net in the wake of Audi’s withdrawal from the DTM at the end of the 2020 season.

“Our DTM team is really a separate group and organisation from the GT team.  At present there is no reason to think that the GT programmes won’t continue as they are, we have good customers and the team operates at a very high level.

“We are though looking for the opportunities that may be out there for the future of our DTM team.”

Those options are known to include a future interest in LMDh and, like current Audi DTM competitors Phoenix Racing, WRT are eying the possibilities in the ACO rules paddocks to stake a claim on possible future factory interest:

“Absolutely we have looked at LMP2, we have raced in the category once before (Spa ELMS in 2016, pictured below) but the time was not right for us.  But I would be very interested to look at GT also.


That interest in GT, whether at a Continental level (Asia or Europe) or on a global platform (with the FIA WEC) would though be subject to a change in the class structure available to an incoming team.

“It seems clear that the GTE formula is not strong right now, it is losing support from some manufacturers and there seems to be nobody new looking to come in.

“That means that at some point there has to be a decision made to focus on one set of global GT rules, and in truth, in my opinion, it makes no sense in the current climate for that to be anything other than GT3.

“There are a lot of manufacturers involved in GT3, and there are a LOT of cars out there.

“It has been an issue for us from time to time talking to potential partners when we have to tell them that we can race at all of these excellent races, but not some others! I believe that the GTE/ GT3 division at the highest level of GT racing has always acted against possible growth and right now is the ideal time to fix it.

“I believe if the WEC announced that the Championship would accommodate GT3 cars there would be a very sizeable take-up.  We would certainly be interested, and we’d be interested too in being part of any discussion about how it could work with or without GTE cars involved on the grid.

“These are difficult times for everyone involved in the sport, we need to be thinking now about making the best Championships as accessible as possible for the best teams, a route to including GT3 cars would be the right one now I believe.”