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Plastic Fantastic, The 2018 Le Mans GTE Pro Field In LEGO!

Once in awhile when trotting around social media you find something that stops you in your tracks.

The latest of ‘those’ moments came on Sunday for me when I stumbled across a Reddit post from Lasse Deleuran who lives near to Nürnberg in Germany.

Lasse is both a race fan and a LEGO builder and he decided, some time ago, to take on the challenge of building the entire 17 car 2018 Le Mans GTE Pro field from the world’s most famous plastic bricks.

For those of you that are thinking, “Yeah, well I have a couple of those sets too.” Stop right there, so do I and trust me this is LEGO on an entirely different level!

Colour matched, with pretty staggering attention to detail, or at least what detail can be included bearing in mind the construction medium!

Lasse himself posted:

“It took me more than 2 years to finish this project, so I hope that you enjoy the final result.

“In total there are 12447 parts in the building instructions for the cars shown in the group photo.”

Those interactions are available free of charge thanks to Lasse at BRICK HUB >>

Not only that each building instruction has links to sticker sheets and Lasse also provides a video ‘explainer’ on how to create your own stickers:

The models, Lasse explains, are pure display models. “The doors do not open and there are no moving details. The windscreens are black because LEGO does not make that many parts in transparent, and I wanted to create a unified look across all models. The level of detail is as high as I could possibly make it. This is at the expense of sturdiness, so the cars are not intended for children to play with.”

They are, however, absolutely exceptional work!

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