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Support Stephen’s Fundraising Effort

Running for Cancer Research

Stephen Kilbey is notable for many reasons, a truly terrible lack of judgment in terms of the sporting teams he chooses to follow and an alarming lack of awareness of the true meaning of the words “Type faster!” amongst them.

Also on the list though are a real drive for self-improvement and an enormous heart.

Please read on, and please help if you can.

I’m taking part in a 2020 Race for Life to help beat cancer

In memory of Iris & Harry

2020 has been a tough year! I decided back at the start of lockdown to do something positive during such a negative time, and get myself fit. Back in March, I weighed 265 lbs, the heaviest I’d ever been. Thankfully, with willpower I didn’t know I had, I’ve started to turn things around. 103 runs later (at the time of writing) I’ve lost 37 pounds and have run well over 500km.

I’ve wanted to have a race to work towards since I started running earlier this year. Now I have one! I plan to run 120k in the month leading up to Race For Life day; that’s 15km more than I’ve run thus far over a single month. So it will be a real challenge!

I’d be hugely grateful for any donations, anything you can spare. It’s going to be an even tougher time than usual for people suffering from cancer for the foreseeable future due to the disruption 2020 has caused to the health service. So if you can, help me try and soften the blow!



You can donate to Stephen’s funding drive HERE >>

Remember, we can’t make his sporting heroes any less average, but we CAN make a difference in cancer research.

*Picture top – Stephen attempts to get Toni Vilander to donate a fiver.