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GT3, All The Cars In Pictures

Every Homologated GT3 car, in pictures, and with pen portraits

The current iteration of GT3 came into being in 2005 with the regulations in place for the 2006 season.

Since then a remarkable array of sports cars, supercars and GT cars have been encompassed by the most universally adopted set of endurance-focused regulations governing racing derivatives of roadgoing machinery in racing history.

This gallery takes a look at the cars that made it through the thorny process of FIA homologation into the GT3 class – in the now decade and a half history of the class there have been 52 separate homologations covering no fewer than 24 different marques and almost 40 different models.

That does not take into account another group of cars that have made their way into GT3 racing via national homologations or acceptance by Championship organisers and rulemakers (we’ll cover them off in a separate story later his year!)

As the regulations were designed to encompass a whole range f engine configurations and chassis, so the industry has delivered: Cars feature here with 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 cylinders, turbochargers and superchargers, front, rear and mid engined configurations.

The cars have featured in Championships, Series and standalone races across the globe on club, national, regional, continental and global stages with a myriad of options for teams and owners ranging from Blue Riband events where the GT3 cars are king, to an effective entry point into a wider entrance series.

Across the 52 different homologations shown below (plus a number of ‘Evo’ package updates to some of those homologations), literally thousands of cars have been sold, raced, tested, enjoyed, stored, collected, sold and raced again.

GT3 is a phenomenon, and despite the costs now involved it looks set to stay king of the customer GT racing hill for some time to come!