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Honda’s History In GT500, In Pictures

Front and mid-engined vehicles, risk-taking machines, and numerous winners, champions, and icons of Honda's Super GT history!

While Nissan and Toyota were active in GT500 since the very first season of the Super GT Series in 1994, their rivals at Honda did not get involved with a full-fledged factory effort until 1997. But when they came on the scene, they immediately set out to innovate and dominate in the premier class of Super GT, formerly the All-Japan GT Championship (JGTC).

As of the conclusion of the 2020 Super GT season, Honda GT500 cars have won 58 races, five GT500 Drivers’ Championships, and six GT500 Teams’ Championships.

While the mid-engined NSX supercar has achieved much of Honda’s success in GT500, they’ve also found success in front-engined cars as well, including this past season, when Honda captured the GT500 Championship with the front-engined 2020 NSX-GT that was built in full compliance to the unified Class One technical regulations.

This gallery is another year-by-year history of Honda’s involvement in GT500, highlighting the most successful and memorable machines to represent the manufacturer.

Many of the photos seen are from Honda Motor Company’s media archive, captured from 2003 to 2020. Preceding photos appear courtesy of Suzuka Circuit, Fuji Speedway, and Dome Racing Ltd. – as well as an additional photo from veteran independent photographer “Hiro-kun”, whose works can be found throughout their Twitter profile, @kun71094249.