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The History of International Marques In GT500, In Pictures

A gallery of some of Super GT's most unique premier class racers!

© by Fuji Speedway

While the Super GT Series is best known for the super-silhouette versions of Japanese supercars that race in GT500, over the years a number of non-Japanese makes have entered in the top class of the series over the years, from the formative years of the class that began life as “GT-1”, all the way to the Class One era of the 2010s and the technical convergence with the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM).

As it turns out, the history of these international makes in GT500 is quite rich, and includes cars that range from proven champions, including the only foreign-make cars to win races and championships in the category, to some of the most unique oddities ever brought to a race track, from boutique kit cars and one-off racing specials that never left Japan, to Group C prototypes and Group B rally cars racing well outside of their element!

In amongst them is also a car that never raced in GT500, but tested with the intentions of doing so.

Chances are, you’ll have seen a few of these cars before in DSC’s GT1 Week feature earlier this year, chronicling the history of GT1 cars that once raced in the JGTC & Super GT.

In total, we’ve compiled a gallery of 22 such cars, representing 14 different makes from Germany, Italy, the United States, and the United Kingdom (including a half-UK, half-Japanese brand).

Photographs of these cars are very rare and hard to find, especially from independent teams that ran in the early years of the JGTC – nonetheless, we have done our level best to ensure that each independent photographer has been credited for their work, and our sincere thanks go out to each of them for their work.