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Mazda At Le Mans, A Pictorial History, 30 Years On From Their 1991 Win

Photography by Mazda

Mazda’s factory Le Mans Challenge dates back to 1974. At the time, Mazda Auto Tokyo Motorsports Division, which was competing in the Fuji Grand Champion Series and Fuji Touring Car Series, decided to challenge the 24 Hours of Le Mans with Sigma Automotive. However, the attempt was hastily carried out, and the team was embarrassed by various problems and could not finish the race.

Mazda Auto Tokyo, which had turned the first RX-7 into a Le Mans car, received support from the factory, and in 1983 became independent as Mazdaspeed Corporation, a company specializing in Mazda motorsports. Since then, the company continued to challenge at Le Mans through trial and error, gradually improving performance and reliability and scoring class-winning success until, in 1991, the Mazda 787B finally took overall victory at Le Mans.