70 Cars On Provisional Dubai 24 Entry

24H Series

It began with the Dubai 24 Hours and has now grown into a hugely well supported FIA sanctioned International Series of 12 and 24 Hour races headlined by GT3 cars and with mixed grids of GTs and Touring Cars.

  • GT Teams Standings After Paul Ricard
  • 1Hofor-Racing92
  • 2PROsport Performance92
  • 3Speed Lover78
  • 4Herberth Motorsport78
  • 5VDS Racing Adventures73
  • 6Car Collection Motorsport72
  • 7GP Extreme69
  • 8MSG Motorsport54
  • 9SPS automotive performance47
  • 10GRT Grasser Racing Team46
  • Official 24H Series standings

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