Lexus Team SARD Triumphs In Classic Sugo Shootout

Super GT

Japan’s national GT Championship sees full factory support for the premier GT500 class with high tech cars and the world’s greatest racing tyre war and GT300 with a mix of GT3 and unique Japanese machinery.

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  • Standings After Autopolis
  • 1Hirakawa / Cassidy36
  • 2James Rossiter32
  • 3Tachikawa / Ishiura30
  • 4Oshima / Caldarelli30
  • 5Kazuki Nakajima26
  • 6Tsukakoshi / Kogure18
  • 7Matsuda / Quintarelli18
  • 8Yamamoto / Izawa17
  • 9Kovalainen / Hirate15
  • 10Yuhi Sekiguchi9
  • Official Super GT standings

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