VLN 9, Live Video Of Final 2017 Race Here


Held exclusively on the Nurburgring’s amazing and historic Nordschleife circuit with cars ranging from GT3 down to small production touring cars this is racing on a grand scale in every way, big grids, bigger track.

  • Standings After Round 2
  • 1Fred Makowiecki19.69
  • 2Rudi Adams19.49
  • 3Thomas Jäger19.20
  • 4Christian Konnerth19.20
  • 5Daniel Zils19.20
  • 6Chris Brück18.93
  • 7Torsten Kratz18.89
  • 8Oskar Sandberg18.89
  • 9Andreas Gülden18.67
  • 10Benjamin Leuchter18.67
  • Official VLN standings

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