VLN 1 Race Gallery


Held exclusively on the Nurburgring’s amazing and historic Nordschleife circuit with cars ranging from GT3 down to small production touring cars this is racing on a grand scale in every way, big grids, bigger track.

  • Standings After Round 2
  • 1Fred Makowiecki19.69
  • 2Rudi Adams19.49
  • 3Thomas Jäger19.20
  • 4Christian Konnerth19.20
  • 5Daniel Zils19.20
  • 6Chris Brück18.93
  • 7Torsten Kratz18.89
  • 8Oskar Sandberg18.89
  • 9Andreas Gülden18.67
  • 10Benjamin Leuchter18.67
  • Official VLN standings

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