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FIA WEC News Round-up: Ligier, New Prospeed Porsche, BoP & Corvette


Current plans are set to see the G-Drive Morgan Nissan replaced with a Ligier Nissan from CoTA onwards. There is no deal in place to add a second G-Drive car to the grid at present.


Prospeed Competition have now received the ex Dempsey Proton Porsche 911 RSR which they will use for the remainder of the 2014 FIA WEC.



As reported on Friday, the #90 8Star Motorsport Ferrari will continue for the remainder of the 2014 FIA WEC despite the now confirmed withdrawal of Enzo Potolicchio from the squad due to funding issues. AF Corse are seeking a silver ranked driver to replace the Venezuelan. In addition there are potential further changes in driver squad for at least one other of the team’s GTE Am Cars, Luis Perez Companc confirmed to DSC at Le Mans that his deal is race by race post Le Mans.

BoP/ EoT Changes

There have been a range of minor changes to “Equivalence of Technology” (aka Balance of Performance) by the FIA Endurance Committee in advance of next month’s R4 of the FIA WEC at the Circuit of the Americas. These changes are now immovable by regulation until post Le Mans 2015.

In LMP1 there have been changes made to the uniquely diesel powered Audis in LMP1-H that see them dealt a minor 0.3% change in engine powered energy per (Le Mans) lap, but a 1% increase in fuel flow per hour and a very small (0.1 litre) increase in fuel capacity.

LMP1-L meanwhile sees changes too, this as the Lotus LMP1 prepares to take the class fight to the Toyota Powered Rebellion R-Ones.

The minimum weight for the privateer cars is now reduced to 800 kg from the Le Mans limit of 810 kg. That will be a minor disappointment to Rebellion who told DSC pre Le Mans that they were able to reach a potential minimum weight of 775 kg.

The Rebellions and the Lotus though will also get a further break in fuel energy per lap (up 15%) and a 4% increase in maximum fuel flow rate compared to the original Equivalence of Technology tables issued at the start of the season.  The LMP1-Ls will get a further 1.5 litres of fuel capacity too (up to 73.5 litres from 72)

GTE meanwhile sees an additional 20kg of weight added to the Aston Martins (up to 1215kg)

Some excitement has been caused by the addition of the Corvette C7.R into the Balance of Performance tables, the car of course does not compete in the WEC proper though does race at Le Mans.

Not for the first time the WEC has been in discussion with Corvette to investigate the potential for the Chevrolet Works team joining the Championship.

In particular the potential for a possible one-off entry at CoTa has been, and is still believed to be, a point of discussion.

There is a car available to the team though there are some major points on the ‘con’ side of the debate with the factory team fully engaged in the TUSCC which races on the same bill at CoTA as the FIA WEC.

One is the cost of such an entry, which would not be inconsiderable, and would also come as an unbudgetted cost during a season which is far from cheap for any team.


Another is the team’s overall resource and focus, this is understood to be a major factor in the discussion.

So too is the potential driver line-up, which if the entry was to gain approval would be unlikely to feature any of Corvette’s established European stars.

The one thing that seems not to be a part of the picture at all though is politicking with IMSA.  This is NOT part of any attempt to strong-arm the TUSCC governing body about alternative available programmes, but would certainly attract the attention of many.

The very latest information points to a positive conclusion, but a deal is certainly not yet done.