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Visual Comparison Between 2014 & 2015 Porsche 919s

With the first pictures now available of the 2015 spec Porsche 919 Hybrid there’s the first opportunity to spot the visual differences between last year’s car and what is described by Porsches as a comprehensive redesign.

The new car will be incorporating as many of the lessons learned as possible from the programme’s first racing season, plus it will need to accommodate Porsche’s wish to push for an 8mJ hybrid system, a jump that brings with it potential cooling, and subsequently aero dynamic challenges.



There are very clear visual differences at the front of the car, the new car lacks the nose grille of the 2014 919 and the bodywork on the nose section is tapered towards the front in contrast to last year’s car too.

The area above the splitter looks quite different too and the wheel covers look to have changed in profile, the 2015 car looks to have bodywork with an inner edge that tapers towards the bottom (at the side of the headlamp clusters) whilst the ’14 car did not.


Porsche 20 Siverstone



Beyond that the differences are trickier to spot (and white bodywork on the 20-14 car makes it trickier still!) but there does seem to be a different shape to the bodywork ahead of the rear wheels