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First Stage Of 2017 LMP2 Chassis Constructor Selection Underway

The FIA, the ACO and the IMSA are in the midst of the first part of the process to select the chassis manufacturers for the 2017-20 LMP2 regulations which will run in the FIA WEC, ELMS, TUSC and Asian Le Mans Series.

The Call for Expressions of Interest from Manufacturers, issued on 15 May, makes specific mention once again of the selection of four manufacturers which will be “solely entitled to supply and commercialise LMP2 chassis to the competitors entered for the said seasons”

The FIA document includes a proviso that candidate companies must be “entirely independent of a major car manufacturer.”

The Selection Process will consist of three stages:

Stage 1:

Candidates have been invited to register a formal expression of interest with the FIA Legal Department together with a complete dossier around the proposed project and a letter introducing their candidacy before 5 pm CET on 10 June 2015.

All candidates pay a non‐refundable fee of €15,000 by 10 June 2015 at the latest for their proposal to be taken into consideration within the framework of the selection process.

The project dossier must lay out a number of relevant aspects including:

Experience in managing the construction of Prototype cars (including Project management, engineering & technical expertise);
Industrial Capacity (Equipment, composites and machining, premises and human resources);
Supply Chain Management;
Financial and Economic Information (Balance sheets and operating accounts, 4 year LMP2 Business Plan, evidence of ability to raise and maintain funding for chassis and spares);

Complete Description of the Chassis including:

Adaptability of the chassis to different types of engine;
Production schedule;
Main sub‐contractors; and
Calendar and works to be carried out with regard to chassis maintenance;
An exhaustive list of spare parts with their price, length of life and delivery timeframe.

Proposal for client assistance at the circuit /track support it would offer;
Commercial and reliability support;
Support for WEC/TUSC/ELMS/ AsLMS included (at no cost for the customer);
Inventory of spare parts;
Policing validity of spare parts i.e. chip/RFDI;
Tools for technical inspection of cars as required by the sanctioning body;
Production timeframes;

Stage 2:

The Selection Committee will contact the entities that have sent a formal expression of interests within the set deadline by 17 June 2015 at the latest.

A discussion phase will then begin with the candidates whose expression of interest meets the requirements stated in this document and meetings will be scheduled on 22 and 23 June 2015, in Paris.

According to the results of the various exchanges and discussions with the candidates, the Selection Committee shall select four candidates who, in the Selection Committee’s sole opinion, best comply with the requirements and the interests of the Championships.

In addition to the technical and safety considerations, the Selection Committee will give particular attention to customer services (price, lifetime, and delivery timeframe of the spare parts) when assessing the proposals received. The target is that no delivery deadline exceeds four weeks.

The Selection Committee will not be required to give reasons for the acceptance or refusal of any particular proposal.

The eligible candidates will be informed of their selection no later than 8 July 2015.

Stage 3:

The chassis of the selected candidates will be subject to a homologation procedure.

The selection of the candidates will be finalised only after the homologation procedure has been successfully finalised.

In addition to the homologation procedure, the chassis manufacturers may be required to sign a contract regarding the services expected.

The FIA, the ACO and the IMSA have reserved the right to “interrupt or make changes to this selection process at any time”.

The full document is available on