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Aston Martin Racing, Introducing IQ Option

As the UK begins the great debate on whether or not we should remain in the European Union the question is being asked constantly, “What does this all mean?” My answer, always, is to ask the questions directly yorself and carefully consider the answers.

In that same spirit, last week’s launch of the Aston Martin Racing 2016 programmes offered the opportunity to unpick a few gaps in my knowledge of some of the background stories. Here’s the first of those, as AMR unveiled a new partnership with IQ Option, ‘a binary options broker’.

I took the opportunity to chat briefly to Juan Lopez from IQ Option and threw myself on the sword of my own ignorance!


So just exactly what is a binary options broker?

“We are a binary options broker working in the financial markets. Basically it is an easily accessible method of trading in the markets online and gives customers instant access, and immediate control, of their transactions.

“We are based in Limassol, Cyprus but with offices in London and St Petersburg too.”

So why the link with Aston Martin Racing?

“For the last few years we have been sponsoring an Australian Formula team focused on the Australian market but this year we have stepped up, and have started an exciting partnership with Aston Martin.

“Our decision was between motor racing and football, all of our major competitors are in football but we found more synergy with motorsport, our products are about excellence, efficiency, speed and great design and this is a sport that gave us some real parallels.


“Once we started to talk with Aston Martin about the possibilities things became better and clearer very quickly.

“Aston Martin is about more than a brand, it isn’t just a car, it isn’t just a racing team it’s a whole package.

“We will be prominently displayed on the Nurburgring cars and with branding too on the WEC cars.

“There are important messages for us here, in our business a single second is hugely significant and in motorsport too that’s very much the case.”

So is it just about branding on the cars?

“No, not at all. We will be doing plenty of Business to Business work at race meetings, allowing them to experience the racing live, and allowing us a great atmosphere to perhaps talk just a little business too!

“And we’ll be giving our customers and our affiliates the opportunity to participate in competitions to win prizes linked to this sponsorship, it’s something we have always offered to customers, but until now it has been prizes of money or perhaps a computer this though gives us a big step forward in that part of our business and marketing.

“We are really excited about the possibilities for this year, and into the future.”

That’s another tick in the box for the FIA WEC, providing an attractive platform for business to business activity.

So next time you see a name on the side of a racing car that you don’t recognise, take a look online and see what they do. You might be surprised!